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Musical Styles and Composers by Era (Scalar)

Music history and the eras it encompasses can be challenging to students learning the contexts. By researching and contributing scholarship, musical styles for different eras can become easier to understand. In this project, students choose a composer and work from a particular era. Page content should include a short biography of the composer and how they fit into the era, a brief analysis of the chosen piece, a comparison to a similar work/composer, observations of the music, and correctly cited sources. Pages can include links to scores, audio files, YouTube, and images. Each student can contribute pages and comment on entries of other students. Scalar, by The Alliance for Networking Visual Culture, is entirely online, with no cost attached. The User Guide is embedded in the interface. Although it is not as simple as some web page applications, it is a great format for creating a book of entries. ACRL learning outcomes for information literacy are outlined as well.

This Scalar project was based on a UTK musicology class wiki for MUSC520 Musical Styles Spr 14 Wiki


Maryville College Historical Buildings (Omeka)

  • Spring 2016 – INSC 565 Digital Libraries class project

This digital library consists of Maryville College Buildings, both historic and present. Our group collected photos from the Maryville College archives digital content and added current photos of buildings. The collection is based on a spreadsheet of buildings provided by Maryville College archives. In addition to The Founding Story of Maryville College, Volunteer Robert Kennedy and Registrar Emeritus Martha Hess conducted the historical research present in the digital library. The collection will continue to be updated as historical information becomes available. Maryville College Historical Buildings Collection (link temporarily unavailable)

Effie Ballou, Founder of Wayside Restaurant (

Effie Jack 1908         Effie Ballou, Founder of Wayside Restaurant, Montpelier, Vermont

Traditional Projects

Original Tennessee Waltz Sheet Music Special Collections Display


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