Digital Projects

Maryville College Historical Buildings

  • Spring 2016 – INSC 565 Digital Libraries class project

This digital library consists of Maryville College Buildings, both historic and present. Our group collected photos from the Maryville College archives digital content and added current photos of buildings. The collection is based on a spreadsheet of buildings provided by Maryville College archives. In addition to The Founding Story of Maryville College, Volunteer Robert Kennedy and Registrar Emeritus Martha Hess conducted the historical research present in the digital library. The collection will continue to be updated as historical information becomes available. Maryville College Historical Buildings Collection

Effie Ballou, Founder of Wayside Restaurant

Effie Jack 1908         Effie Ballou, Founder of Wayside Restaurant, Montpelier, Vermont

Traditional Projects

Original Tennessee Waltz Sheet Music Special Collections Display


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