Musicology Coursework

Passed German language reading proficiency doctoral exam, October 2013

  • Seminars
    • Ethnomusicology:
      • histories theories, methodologies; relationship to metagenres, such as folk music, popular music, and disciplines such as cultural studies, linguistics, folklore, and anthropology
    • Music of the Baroque: Rhetoric, Body & Desire:
      • European art and popular music traditions, c 1580-1750, issues of voice, gender, rhetoric, gesture, contexts/meanings of music interacting with historical/sociological phenomena
    • Music and Cosmopolitanism: Latin America & Iberia:
      • exploration of globalized, international, national ideologies conveyed through conduit of music, dance, film, and the arts; influences of Western art music tradition in the Americas, effects of colonization and imperialism on communal practice of music.
    • Music and Identity:
      • examined the role of music as socio-cultural and socio-politico phenomena between identities (community members, such as racial, gender, and community groups or traditions; paradigm of globalization and postmodernity; focus ranged from social theory to musics from India, Brazil, Celtic lands, Zimbabwe
  • Coursework:
    • Music Bibliography:
      • explored major music resources, music research methodologies, and tools for academic and professional careers in music; examined research resources and tools;
    • Musical Styles:
      • explored styles in the Western musical canon through aural and visual study
      • Class Wiki
    • European Jazz:
      • examined the reception of African diasporic music, culture, minstrel shows in 19th European cities, Django Reinhardt, French jazz manouche; jazz practice in Nazi Germany, Soviet Union; avant-garde jazz in Germany/Great Britain in 1960s; experiences of African-American artists living/performing in Europe during 20th c.
    • Music of Appalachia:
      • examined the ballad tradition, early fiddle/banjo music, religious music, early string bands, bluegrass, protest music, Americana music

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